Bespoke Perfumes - $1000

Collaborate with our head perfumers to craft an original scent tailored to your preferences and personality. The service consists of two in-person consultation sessions, a bottle of finished fragrance, and one free refill of your custom scent. 

The Bespoke process begins with a brief interview in which we shall get to know a little bit about the client and begin. This can be done in person or via phone call depending on the clients preference or location.

We will then proceed to a primary consultation session in which you will be guided by us as we smell and discuss a wide range of rare natural essences, learning your preferences and developing a concept for the scent.

In a second session, we will utilize your preferences and scent concept from the first session to begin the blending process, smelling the blend together and discussing it as we progress. By the end of this session we will have completed a rough draft of the composition.

We will then refine the scent and send a sample to you for approval. According to your feedback, we can then make any final edits. Once the scent is approved, the perfume will be made up in the correct amount and the process will be complete.

Antique Reproductions

We are thrilled to offer period-correct reproductions of several notable nineteenth century perfumes. These perfume formulas are composed using only period accurate materials and diluted in the historically correct manner, by volume rather than by mass. The perfumes are also aged for a longer period than our standard perfume line, according to the practice of the era. Our antique reproductions come in fine French-made Verreries Brosse bottles with ground glass stoppers. We recommend that these perfumes be worn on a clean handkerchief rather than on the skin for the optimal experience.

Extrait d'Ambre

Resurrected from period texts, Extrait d'Ambre is an enchanting, animalic perfume comprised of several exceptionally rare essences. Rose otto, the queen of floral essences, dances majestically with a cast of sultry and esoteric base notes including tinctures of real Siberian deer musk, ambergris, and vanilla bean. This warming elixir is particularly long-lasting for a natural perfume due to the incredible fixative power of these unusual base notes. We highly recommend wearing Extrait d'Ambre in the period fashion, by applying a small amount to a clean handkerchief.

$300 - 15ml bottle with ground glass stopper


Eau de cologne

Our mid-century eau de cologne is a reproduction of the finest quality eau de cologne of the period. The scent opens with a burst of refreshing citron, bergamot, and bitter orange oils, accompanied by soothing rosemary. Finest French neroli complements the citrus-heavy opening with a classic white floral heart. Following the period custom, our cologne is diluted with grape alcohol, also referred to as brandy spirit during the nineteenth century. Grape spirit is far superior to grain alcohol in displaying the refreshing citrus notes of colognes. Also true to tradition, the concentration of our cologne is lower than that of our other perfumes, making it ideal for refreshing reapplication throughout the day. 3% concentration.

$50 – 30ml spray bottle

As our antique perfumes are blended to order please allow for an extended delivery time of between 3-4 weeks depending on the fragrance. 

Plein Air Series

Our Plein Air series is made up of fragrances that were conceptualized and blended in the field in order to catch the essence of each location. This is an ongoing art project by Fitzgerald and Guislain, and each installment hopes to explore different notes, styles, and locales. Be sure to check our Instagram for past outings, and for future expeditions near you!

Plein Air Deux

Plein Air Deux combines incredible modern natural essences with the antique enfleurage extraction technique to create a white flower powerhouse. The fragrance opens with an explosion of dew-drenched honeysuckle enfleurage and jasmine green tea, tinged with the sharp bite of black pepper. In the heart, a perfect jasmine flower slowly unfolds, crafted using a molecular distillation of jasmine sambac. The base is a green velvet: a mossy, soft, layer of benzoin, violet leaf, and eucalyptus. This scent was crafted on the beach in Marin County, California, and is the second installment of our "Plein Air" series.

$250 - 15ml bottle with ground glass stopper